One of the key components of Sensea Maritime Academy has been the high quality training programmes, which is carried out through its Campus. Sensea Maritime Academy has, over the years, designed and delivered a very large number of public certification seminars and in-house training programs covering a large number of individuals and candidates across the nation.

    The Academy has partnerships with the leading shipping organizations in the world for candidates final placements. The need for quality training has driven us to produce special programmes, which accommodate a wide variety of interests. Academy has trained over 1000+ candidates & successfully placed them in various shipping companies throughout the world.



  • Welcome young talents

    We will take our students from all over India and will welcome all abilities and talents, providing the support that each student needs to be the best they can be.
  • Raise aspirations

    We want our students, with the support of our trainers, to reach for the career they aspire for and to be able to choose their own futures. We will build their confidence, courage and self-esteem.
  • Try new ways of teaching

    Our academy use different approaches to teaching and learning. For example, we use Outward Bound activities that develop great team-working and leadership skills.


General Ship Knowledge

  • Basic Ship Knowledge
  • General Ship Board safety
  • Types of Ship
  • Hand Tools & Measuring Instruments
  • Rope Work
  • Blocks, Tackles & Purchases
  • Ship Maintenance
  • Basic Navigational Rules
  • Anchor Work
  • Cargo Work
  • Bridge Watch-keeping

STCW 95 Course

  • Familiarization with duties in Engine Room
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities(PSSR)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF)
  • Elementary First Aid (EFA)

Marine Engineering

  • Familiarization with duties in Engine Room
  • Instruments in Engine Room
  • Maintenance and Workshop Practice
  • Auxiliary Machinery
  • Over-view of Diesel Engine
  • Watch-keeping in Engine Room
  • Level Measuring
  • Storage Tank
  • Emergency in Engine Room
  • Fire and Flooding Equipment in Engine Room


    ALCOHOL - DRUGS: No candiate shall attend a class of alcoholic beverages on their breath. Possession or consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages at the campus is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the Academy without warning.

    ATTENDANCE: Each student shall notify the class supervisor if it is necessary to be absent for any reason from the scheduled classes. Certificates may be withheld for students missing areas of instruction.

    ATTIRE: All candidates shall attend classes dressed in their proper uniforms. Informal dresses are not allowed during the training timings.

    CONDUCT: While attending the classes your conduct both on and off the campus reflects upon the Academy. Any mis-behaviour in the campus area will not be tolerated at any circumstances.

    DORMITORY ROOMS: Linen shall be issued and signed for upon your arrival. Upon departure, beds shall be stripped by the student and linen turned in. Cleanliness of dormitory rooms shall be the responsibility of each candidate. Rooms shall be subject to periodic inspection.

    FOOD AND DRINK: Food or drink shall only be consumed in designated area and shall not be consumed or kept in dormitory rooms.

    GAMBLING: Gambling in any form is prohibited.

    LOUD NOISES: Candidates shall not engage in loud noises in the hallways and shall not use vulgar or unprofessional language or behavior.

    SMOKING: The Academy prohibits smoking in all inside areas.

    USE OF MOBILES: Use of mobile are stricly prohibited in the training period.

Our Academy has a caring and ambitious ethos, with students, parents and training staff working staff effectively in partnership to secure the highest standard of learning and achievement.